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Back Alley Brawlers*

Back Alley Brawlers is a game where you play as a drunk bar patron, settling their differences with another patron in the alleyway behind the bar. Back Alley Brawlers is a fast paced, light deck building game played with simultaneous turns. You win by either pushing your opponent out of the Alleyway you're fighting in, or by knocking them out.

Gameplay is fast paced and very straight forward. On your turn you'll play one of the three cards in your hand at the same time as your opponent, resolve the card effects, then draw a new card and start again!

2 Players | 5-10 Minutes | Ages 12+

Find the print and play rules here.

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*Back Alley Brawlers is currently in a playtesting state, feel free to download the rules for free and give the game a go. If you have any feedback please let me know!

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