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Hi-Ho Hoarders*

Hi-Ho Hoarders is a fast moving and social, strategy game played over a series of successive knock-out rounds. Players take on the role of Dwarven Miners, all vying for the title of Dwarf of the Month. Each round, players pull 3 Gems of varying value from a central Mining Bag and add them to their own Treasure Bags. Players then proceed to Swap, Sabotage, and Steal from their fellow Dwarven Kin to ensure they aren't left with the lowest value of Gems by the end of the round. The Dwarf with the lowest value of Gems by the end of the round is given a Warning Card or if they already have one, they're out of the game and sent to the Dungeon!

4-8 Players | 20-40 Minutes | Ages 8+

Find the print and play rules here.

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*Hi-Ho Hoarders is currently in a playtesting state, feel free to download the rules for free and give the game a go. If you have any feedback please let me know!

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