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LEGENDS: The Superhero Roleplaying Game

LEGENDS: The Superhero Roleplaying Game introduces you to the world of New Olympus, where you create your own unique hero to take you through the trials and tribulations necessary to become a true Legend.

In LEGENDS you play as a new Hero, just starting out on the journey to becoming something more. There are no character classes in LEGENDS, instead you create your fledgling Hero from the ground up, choosing from 100 different Powers and over 650 Abilities and Enhancements to ensure an exclusive, one of a kind character for you to play.

LEGENDS features a brand new d20 system with easy to learn Combat Mechanics and simple Skill Contests to ensure you're up and playing your own comicbook adventures in no time! Past the basic rules, there are also loads of optional mechanics, rules, and customization options to spice up your gameplay and create the perfect adventure for you!

2+ Players | 30+ Minutes | Ages 10+

LEGENDS is available for purchase at the following:

Publisher Bookstore

Amazon Canada

Amazon US

LEGENDS art by @stefantosheff

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